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Royal Baby Revealed!

Royal Baby Revealed!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are showing off their new prince.  The royal couple and their baby were greeted with thunderous cheers by onlookers outside St. Mary's Hospital in London, where the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth yesterday several hours after being admitted.  The proud father and radiant mother waved and smiled to the crowd. 

The royal couple say they're still considering names for their bouncing baby boy.  In their first appearance with the young prince outside the London Hospital, Prince William remarked that his son has a "good pair of lungs." 

William joked that he's thankful his son has his wife's looks.  When asked how his son's hair is, Prince William said, quote, "he's got way more than me, thank God." 

Then the Prince loaded his family into a car and drove to Kensington Palace. 




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